Fragrance and light anywhere, anytime.

Ambrosia is proud to offer fragrance diffusers and scents for every lifestyle. Ambrosia Scents and Sachets are a great way to fill any room with fragrance and decor. They’re clean and easy, with no wax, heat, oil, water, or mess. Our products can also be used as both a wax warmer or an oil diffuser depending on your needs. Each Ambrosia Scents cannister adds a beautiful ambience to any room – even when not in use.

Easy to use, safe for children, and like nothing you have ever seen. Ideal for use in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, kids’ rooms, or even business offices.

Our unique fragrance sachets utilize a patented formula that delivers a long-lasting scent with or without our scent cannisters. Ambrosia Scents represents beautiful, decorative, and multi-function home centerpieces that deliver what people want: fragrance, lighting, and air freshening.